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How can we assist you in building your sales volume?

The following is a sampling of our sales tools. Samples are available upon request.

In addition, samples of our forms can be provided to match layouts or do test runs.

Tax Forms Products:
• Catalogs
• Programming Guides
• Sales tips and tricks
• Customer Service FAQs
• Software Compatibility chart
• CSR Training Presentation

Pressure Seal Products:
• Sales tip sheet
• End-user flyer
• End-user email

Healthcare Products:
• Catalogs
• Sales tip sheet
• End-user flyer highlighting
CMS-1500 Change
• End-user email highlighting
CMS-1500 Change
• Sample banner ads highlighting
CMS-1500 Change
Efile4biz Products:
• Dealer informational flyer
• Sales tip sheet
• End-user email template
• End-user flyer template

Compliance Products:
HR Personnel:
• HR Catalogs
• Sales tip sheet
• End-user flyer
• End-user email
Labor Law Posters:
• Sales tip sheet
• State changes chart
• Customer service training doc

Reasons why you should be a TFP Data Systems dealer

TFP Data Systems has over 38 years experience manufacturing Government Compliant Tax Forms, Medical Insurance Claim Forms and Import/Export Forms. TFP is the largest manufacturer of tax forms, the developer of largest selling W-2 and 1099 tax software for small and medium size businesses, and maintains relationships with Government Agencies to provide Content Management (Compliance) of forms. TFP has manufacturing locations in California and Pennsylvania and has expertise in all selling channels and are providers of electronic solution for preparation and filing of tax forms.

Tax Products:
• "How to Prepare" CD-ROM of Instructions to prepare your W-2 & 1099 forms
• Widest selection of W-2's and 1099's, lasers, continuous, mailers and envelopes available.
• "Easy-to-read" and "Easy-to-use" catalogs and marketing materials
• The Industry's best selling tax form template-software
• Guaranteed inventory levels
• Utilizes 30% recycled paper

CMS Products:
• Forms officially approved by NUCC, NUBC, AMA, AHA, CMS, and ADA
• Guaranteed No Breaks in our cartons
• Most complete product offering Including:
  • Laser & Continuous
  • Blown on Labels
  • Self Seal Jumbo Envelopes 9" x 12 ½"
  • Latex & Self Seal Envelopes 4 ½" x 9 ½"
  • Durable Medical Equipment Forms
Import & Export Products:
• Guaranteed No Breaks in our cartons.
• Most complete product offering Including:
  • Delivery Orders (with and without Bill of Lading)
  • Entry Summary Forms
  • International Air Way Bills
  • Entry (ABI), Import and Export Folders
Value Added Advantages
• Free Sales and Marketing Tools
• Product printed on recycled paper (excluding mailers and pressure seal)
• Imprinting Available
• As a manufacturer, we are able to better manage our inventory levels
• 4 distribution locations to minimize freight cost and delivery times
• On-Line order information available 24 hours a day/7 days a week

You can have complete confidence in TFP Data Systems to handle all of your government approved forms needs.

We're Your Supplier, Never your Competitor